Cute Bunny Corp

Online shop, website design, branding, adding all content


AboutThe Client

Cute Bunny Corp. was created by Awesome Kate. She is the founder and creator of the company. The name CuteBunnyCorp. was her idea but we really don’t know how she came up with it.

Our team did the whole thing for this website and Cute Bunny Corp. branding.


About this project

Cute Bunny Corp is an amazing project from people with a beatiful mind. The founder of the company is strong and she really loves cute things.

We have made this project from the scratch. The only information we got was what this site will be about.

This website is based on Woocommerce plugin. We have set it up with the bank accounts and fixed delivery prices.

We even added all products to the website. Cute Bunny Corp provides us with all information and descriptions. We have also made them product photo shoot.